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best mulch for pest control charleston sc

Homeowner Hack: What’s the Best Mulch to Use to Keep Bugs Away?

Pest Control Charleston SC – Explore the Best Mulch to Keep Bugs Away

Although the beautiful state of South Carolina is the best place to live on earth, it does come with some downsides. Due to the hot and moist weather, it tends to be a little more buggy than other states. The best way to keep pests at bay outdoors might be the most natural. There are specific mulches that help to keep bugs under control. If you’re looking for tips for the best pest control in Charleston, SC to reduce your outdoor pest problem organically, look no further!

Organic Mulches

There are two different types of mulches: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches are made from the byproducts of natural things like bark, leaves, grasses, and straw. Inorganic ones are man-made materials like rubber or plastic. Organic mulch is the best choice to control your outdoor pest population. It helps change the chemistry of the soil to help reduce fungi, insects, and bacteria. This means it helps to reduce your bug problem in a variety of ways.

Cypress and Cedar

Using chip or bark mulches are a great way to repel insects. Both contain natural chemicals and oils, like thujone, that help to keep bugs away. To both kill and repel cockroaches, termites, carpet beetles, and cloth-eating moths, use cedar chips. If you spread cypress and cedar around the trees in your backyard, they can eliminate decay, and they also last longer than other types of mulches, so they’re more economical. Cedar tends to lose its color more quickly, so if you are going to choose one over the other for aesthetics and long-lasting appeal, then cypress is a better choice.

Plastic Mulches

Mulches made from polyethylene, which is an inorganic type of mulch, can also help to control bugs. Aluminum-coated plastic sheets made into mulch help to reflect the sunlight, and this means it can help to confuse some insects and keep them away from their intended target. But they also tend to leave the ground open in places where bugs can get underneath and into the moisture of the soil below.

Cocoa Bean Shells and Straw

Straw mulches are an excellent way to reduce the population of bugs around your outdoor areas, and they also help to deter the cucumber beetle from eating vegetation like cucumbers if you are trying to grow a garden. Chocolate beans help to repel bugs, and they also have a wonderful rich color that can enhance your outdoor aesthetics.

The best Charleston, SC pest control methods to get rid of bugs might be found in inorganic mulch.

It is safer for the environment, inexpensive, and it actually works. Organic control pest methods are always a great alternative, especially when you have children playing outdoors. If you can’t seem to get your pest problem under control, contact Low Country Pest Specialists today. We have all the proven tools to make your outdoor and indoor spaces pest-free! Read our reviews online and call us with confidence!

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