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Charleston Pest Control: Preparing For Spring Pests

Spring is in the air and Charleston pest control is a must!

As springtime makes its way to Charleston, the bugs will be trying to make their way indoors! Just like spring brings warmth and flowers, it can also bring an abundance of swarming bugs your way. While doing your spring cleaning, there are ways to reduce your pest control (Charleston, SC) problems. Cleaning out those places where bugs like to hide and breed can protect you from them.

Clean Out Your Closets and Pantries

Experts all agree that the best way to prevent bug infestations in the spring is to declutter and rid your home of all those spaces where they can hide and multiply. Go through your closets and remove the clothing that you no longer want or wear. Closets chock-full of “stuff” are a haven for bugs looking to hide out!

Clean Out Windows and Replace Screens if Necessary

When the weather starts to get nice enough to open the windows, you will want to do so! Make sure to clean out the screens where bugs can be lurking. And if the screens are ripped or torn, make sure to replace them so that they can prevent bugs from getting inside your house.

Fix Holes in the Foundation

Pests will make their way into your home any way that they can. This means the key to eliminating them is shoring up any holes or cracks that they can fit through. Take a quick look around the foundation of your home or basement and seal any holes or cracks that could allow them entry. Also, inspect the grounds for any signs of damage to wood or evidence of pests in your exterior spaces. What looks like a small hole now can quickly breed an invasion.

Do an Outdoor Spring Clean-Up

Bugs breed in warm, moist places. If you didn’t have an opportunity to clean out flowerbeds and yard waste in the fall, now is the time to tackle them. Also, if you have flowerbeds right up against your house, dig out the old mulch and waste to eliminate any bugs that are lying dormant waiting to procreate.

Remove Waste Containers Near the Home

Remove waste containers if they are near your home. Since they attract pests, having them close to your house is like an entry sign. Also, if you haven’t cleaned out your trash receptacles in a while, springtime is the best time! Rotten food is a treasure trove for pests.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

Bugs love nothing more than warm, dark, moist areas like your basement. With the hot and muggy spring and summer weather on its way, a dehumidifier will do wonders to reduce the moisture in your basement that attracts pests and bugs of all kinds.

Get Regular Pest Control Treatments from Lowcountry Pest Specialists

Unfortunately, with spring in South Carolina comes bugs! To reduce your pest control problems in your Charleston, SC home, take these preemptive steps to stop critters from making their way indoors or becoming an infestation. An ounce of prevention is the best way to get bugs under control before they get out of it! These are things you can, but the most important thing you can do is get on a regular pest control plan for your Charleston area home or business!

Contact Low Country Pest Specialists to help you make your spring bug issue a non-issue today!

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