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Mosquitos the Size of Pterodactyls? Here’s How to Get Rid of Charleston’s Unofficial Bird

Mosquitos eating you up? Time to get professional mosquito control in Charleston SC!

Anyone who lives outside South Carolina might think that the state bird is the wren. But Charleston residents know that the real state birds are the mosquitos the size of pterodactyls! Mosquitos are not only irritating pests, they also breed a host of diseases. With the new fears of the Zika virus outbreak, mosquito prevention and elimination are a must! These are the best Charleston, SC mosquito control tips to reduce your mosquito population.

Look For Standing Water, A Mosquito Haven

The only place that female mosquitos can lay eggs is in standing water. Three days later, the eggs hatch to larvae. And within 12 days, the mosquito is ready to wreak havoc. Female mosquitos can each lay as many as four hundred eggs in just two weeks, which is why mosquitos populations get out of control quickly. To make sure that females have no place to deposit their eggs, reduce any places in your backyard that have standing water. Also, look for hiding spaces like tree holes, rain gutters or even flowerpots.

Attack the Larvae

If you have standing water that you enjoy, such as a bird bath, make sure to change the water every week. Or if you have a pond nearby, consider using mosquito control rings that naturally kill mosquito larvae and last for thirty days.

Remove Algae from Ponds

Mosquito larvae feed on small organisms that live in water, like algae. If you eliminate algae, then they won’t have anything to eat and will not make it to maturity.

The Enemy of Your Enemy is Your Friend

To reduce the mosquito population around your house, enlist their enemies. Set up birdhouses to attract birds who prey on mosquitos. If you thought you had a bat problem you needed to take care of, maybe it isn’t such a problem after all! Bats are excellent for taking care of your mosquito nuisance.

Use Plants that Repel Mosquitos

If you can’t kill them, drive them away! Plants like citronella, basil, and lemon balm all repel mosquitos, and they smell nice too! Grow an herb garden close to your house to keep mosquitos from finding a new home!

Don’t Let Your Grass Get Too Long

Mosquitos love tall grass and shrubbery. Make sure that your lawn is no longer than 5 inches to prevent mosquitos from hanging out. If you force them out, they will have to find somewhere else to go. The key is to eliminate anything that attracts them or shields them from predators.

Mosquito Magnets

Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2, which is why magnets work. But if you are going to use one, make sure that you place it away from your home. Since they work by attracting mosquitos and trapping them, you don’t want them attracting mosquitos where you live and play.

Mosquitos are not only annoying; they carry bacteria and viruses that can pose a health hazard. With spring on the way, now is a great time to preemptively strike all those places that are prime breeding grounds for the mosquito population.

To Really Attack Those Mosquitos, Set Up Regular Mosquito Control Treatments With Us!

Although prevention is a viable way to reduce mosquitos, we at Low Country Pest Specialists can help to eliminate them with monthly mosquito control treatments around your home or business.

Contact us today for help with mosquito control, Charleston, SC-style!

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