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5 Signs Your Restaurant has a Pest Problem

One of the most hurtful things that any restaurant can experience to both their finances and reputation, is a pest problem. The key to treating a bug issue before it gets out of control is to find it. These are five signs that your restaurant might have a Charleston pest control problem. And if you spot any of them, it is best to call someone to maintain your restaurant pest control worries.

Contaminated Food

If your cooking staff notices that there is pest contaminated food, then that is a huge red flag that an infestation is lurking. Signs of contamination include tears or holes in packages. Or, they might notice food scattered around the containers as if someone spilled it, even if no one did.

Spotting Nests

Different pests leave nests in inconspicuous places, so spotting them might not be easy. But if you notice nests of any type, it is important to contact a restaurant pest control company. To ensure that there aren’t any pests lurking, doing a manual check behind furniture and storage containers is an excellent idea. Also, look in dark, damp places, which tend to be breeding grounds for insects and pests to multiply. When you are alone after hours, also pay close attention to any skittering or rustling noises that might tell you something is moving around. Nests usually contain materials like cotton, cardboard, newspaper or wood. And if you see an accumulation of any of those, it is time to make a call to get things under control.

Noticing Droppings

Pests leave their excrement behind just about anywhere they lurk and hide. If you have a rodent problem, you will see small brown or black pellets laying around. Cockroach feces will have a pungent odor. But since they are nocturnal, you might not ever spot one physically. Luckily, they can’t hide their presence. If you do see a cockroach, that is a sign that things are worse than you might suspect. The only time roaches come out is when the population is too big, and there isn’t enough room or food to stay hidden.

Customer Complaints

If you have customers complaining about spotting signs of a pest problem, don’t ignore it! Spotting signs of pest and rodents on the table or even in their food can pose a very big problem for your business and your license. Even if you suspect they are trying to get a free lunch, take their complaints seriously, and take action to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Anytime someone spots a rodent or pest in your establishment, it is time to call in an expert to look in those places where they might be multiplying.

One of the things that can tank your profits and your reputation is a pest problem. It is important to have a company like Low Country Pest Specialists maintaining your kitchen and dining area to ensure that you don’t have rodents or insects lurking in dark places that can potentially lead to illness or disease. Just because you don’t see any physical rodents or insects, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. And if you have seen signs, you can safely assume it is just the tip of the iceberg. Call the experts at Low Country Specialists today to discuss how we can keep your establishment pest-free today.

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