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6 Reasons You Need Regular Pest Control Services in Charleston, SC

There is no denying that living in South Carolina comes with its fair share of buggy conditions! Pest control is the best line of defense that you have against both insects and rodents.

There is no denying that living in South Carolina comes with its fair share of buggy conditions! Pest control is the best line of defense that you have against both insects and rodents. Since they both carry and spread disease, a pest control Charleston, SC company is an excellent way to keep your home, and your family, safe. Sometimes you can visibly see what is lurking behind your walls, while other times you are completely oblivious to what might be breeding, which is why pest control is a must!

1. Pests are Unhealthy

Pests and insects carrying diseases is not a thing of the past! Many of the most harmful infections and bacterias come from insects and rodents like rats and ticks. One of the worst parts about pests is that you can’t see the infection they carry, and you don’t know until it is too late and you have been infected. So pest control is imperative to keep harmful illnesses at bay in your home.

2. Pests can be Highly Destructive

Not only do pests carry diseases, they can do a whole lot of damage if left to breed and multiply. Silverfish, which are tiny bugs that love to live in organic fibers, can take out an entire library or photo album. And termites can threaten the structural integrity of your home and foundation. So stopping bugs from reproducing is the only way to save your home from an expensive infestation that can end up costing you a whole lot.

3. They Attack Food and Perishables

As hard as you try to keep insects and rodents from your perishable items, they can somehow find their way. Restaurants and kitchens are notorious hot spots for insects and rodents. No matter how clean you keep your interior spaces, they are a target for pests who feed off of them. For all those hard to reach places that you can’t see and get to, a pest control service is the only way to keep them safe. A simple infestation of rodents or even pantry moths can take out an entire pantry and make the contents of it unhealthy to eat.

4. Do it Yourself Won’t do it

Although it might be alluring to save some money by doing pest control on your own, over-the-counter products simply don’t work. Most pest control methods that you can buy at the store do nothing but scratch the surface and allow pests to breed right under your nose. And they aren’t any cheaper than the commercial use ones that really work. Instead of getting your hands dirty and not getting the job done, let a professional service make sure that pests are eliminated for good.

5. Pesticides are Healthy if Used Correctly

Many people get squeamish about using pesticides around their home. But pesticides are safe if you use them correctly. Unfortunately, when people try to do it themselves, they don’t always take proper precautions or follow the directions very well. And when you don’t, you could be exposing your family and pets to things they shouldn’t come in contact with. Our professionals know how to keep you pest-free and pesticide-safe.

6. Why all the Stress?

There is no way to stop rodents and insects from making their way into your home or office by trying to keep things clean and tidy. The only way to eliminate them from your home is to have a pest control Charleston, SC company maintain your property to keep it disease and destruction-free. If you see just one cockroach, that means there are many more where it came from. Don’t stress about what is lurking behind your walls when we can take care of it with ease.

Lowcountry Pest Specialists are here when you need us. And our goal is to keep your home or office pest-free. Contact us today to discuss your concerns!

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