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    Residential Pest Control in James Island & Folly Beach

    Unfortunately, pests are a part of nature that although might be annoying to us; are integral to the ecosystem. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we treat all types of pest issues from bedbugs to rodents year-round. Since different pests tend to cause trouble at specific times throughout the year, we use targeted approaches during our recurring service for our residential customers. And since mosquitos can be one of the worst outdoor fun killers, we include our complimentary mosquito treatment with our service. Our goal is to treat your pest control problem as natural and eco-friendly as possible with pesticides being the last resort. And if we do have to use them, we will explain our products and methods before continuing.

    Commercial Pest Control in James Island & Folly Beach

    When it comes to commercial properties and establishments, there is no tolerance for pests. We work closely with schools, restaurants, hospitals, and processing plants to ensure that they can operate safely and pest-free. Just one incident can cost a commercial property owner significantly not just in reputation, but also with fines from governmental agencies.

    That is why preventative pest control solutions are so integral to your operation and bottom line. We work tirelessly year-round to provide pest-control solutions according to your specific needs.

    Integrated Pest Management And How It Can Solve Your Pest Problems

    Every customer that we serve has different needs and pest control issues to tackle. We don’t approach every situation with a one-size-fits-all plan, rather we evaluate your needs and find the best and most effective way to tackle your pest problem. Our integrated process involves many stages including inspecting, evaluating, identifying, action, and monitoring. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, our goal is not only to target any pest problems that you might be having currently, but also to prevent any future ones by providing a preventative barrier.

    Pest Control in Food Service

    Food establishments are one of the biggest beacons for pest control problems. When you cook, store, and serve food, there are many ways that rodents and insects can gain access. And if they do; it can not only jeopardize the health of your patrons, it can ruin your reputation and livelihood. At Lowcountry Pest Control Specialists, we evaluate the many ways that pests make their way indoors. And we seek not only to address any issues immediately; we work to prevent ones from being an issue in the first place. We approach each property by evaluating it and then devising a plan to tackle your pest control vulnerabilities.

    Rodent Control You Can Count On

    Rodents are not only very destructive to your property, they carry diseases and can contaminate food. And if you see one, you can safely assume that there are many more hiding that you can’t see. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we know how to spot the presence of rodents and work to shore up any vulnerabilities at your property to stop them from gaining access.

    Our team of professionals starts by looking for entry points and then they devise a plan to eliminate them to keep your premises safe for the long-term.

    Mosquito Treatments in the Lowcountry
    • Nothing can ruin a good day outdoors more than mosquitos. But they aren’t just irritating; mosquitos carry diseases that can harm you and your family. We provide a comprehensive mosquito treatment that is targeted to handle the Lowcountry’s mosquito population. And, our treatment is included with our recurring service at no additional charge to our customers.
    • At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we provide the most comprehensive services to tackle all of your residential and commercial needs. And we do so by using pesticides as a last resort, not a first. Our team of specialists treats every property differently and according to what is necessary.

    Contact us today to schedule your pest control appointment in James Island, Folly Beach or anywhere in the Greater Charleston area.

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