Summerville and Nexton, SC

Residential Pest Control in Summerville and Nexton, SC

    Although pests and rodents are necessary for the ecosystem, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good to live with. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, our goal is to make pest issues a thing of the past through a combined effort of both treatment and prevention. Our targeted approach is meant to address seasonal pests as they become a problem, and then to provide a protective barrier around your home to prevent insects and rodents from gaining entrance in the future. We also understand that you want to enjoy the beautiful weather when you can, but nothing is enjoyable about mosquitos, which is why our mosquito spray service is free of charge to our customers. That way, you can go outside and enjoy the day without worry. If we do have to use pesticides, it is only as a last resort, and after discussing with you what they are and where we will use them.

    Commercial Pest Control in Summerville and Nexton, SC

    Your commercial property is your livelihood, so it is critical to ensure that it is pest-free. One infestation will not only lead to inventory loss; it can do some significant damage to your reputation. Our commercial pest control service targets your business according to your specific needs. First, we investigate to see where your vulnerabilities are, then we make recommendations to ensure that your pest control problems are a thing of the past by taking actionable steps to secure a protective barrier around your property. Our mission is to guarantee that your commercial dwelling remains pest- and rodent-free in the future.

    Commercial Pest Control in Johns Island, SC

    Integrated Pest Management and How It Can Solve Your Pest Problems

    Every customer that we serve has different needs, so a one-size-fits-all solution is really no solution at all. Our integrative pest management strategy takes into account your specific needs and then addresses them through the use of the tools that we have at our disposal. We not only eradicate any pest control problem you currently have; we’ll go the extra mile to shore up any vulnerabilities that might grant pests and rodents access to your premises in the future.

    Pest Control in Food Service

    The food service industry has very real threats when it comes to pests and rodents. One infestation can not only lead to significant inventory loss; it can come with large fines, severe penalties, and in some cases, being closed down. To protect your reputation and the community, you need a targeted pest control plan, which is where we come in. Our first step is to assess your individual needs, and then we address them. Finally, we put safeguards in place to keep your property pest- and rodent-free for the long term.

    Pest Control in Food Service
    Rodent Control You Can Count On

    Nothing can make you feel more unnerved than seeing a rodent and realizing that you are sharing a space. Making matters worse, for every rodent that you do see, there are likely five more lurking that you can’t. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we use a comprehensive plan to rid your property of rodents, and then we devise a plan to monitor and make sure that they are gone for good. Our good old-fashioned investigation to find points of entry goes above and beyond what most companies do. After all, controlling rodents isn’t just about your comfort level; it is about you and your family’s health, and we take it very seriously!

    Mosquito Treatmentsin Kiawah and Seabrook Island, SC

    At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we understand how irritating mosquitoes can be, which is why we offer our mosquito spraying service free to all of our existing clients. Our mission is to make your home or commercial building pest-free both inside and out!
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