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4 Common Pest Headaches Associated with Fall

As we head into fall, pests and rodents everywhere will be looking for refuge, and unfortunately, that

As we head into fall, pests and rodents everywhere will be looking for refuge, and unfortunately, that might mean your home or office. In the fall, certain pests in the Lowcountry become more active. Are you ready for the mass migration that is soon to come? These are the most common headaches that will soon be headed our way, explained by our professional pest control Charleston, SC company.

Rats and Mice

Rodents and mice will be looking for a place to hide out until the warmer temperatures return, and they are pretty crafty at finding entryways. If they find a way to get into your home, they can be very destructive, damaging wallpaper, wood, clothing, furniture, and anything they can sink their teeth into. Even worse, they can contaminate your food, leave behind hazardous feces, and carry in mites, ticks, lice, and other parasites, which will not only be bothersome; getting rid of them can be expensive. Being proactive is always better than cleaning up the mess after the fact, so look for early warning signs that there’s a mouse in your house!

Fleas and Ticks

With rodents come ticks and fleas, and we tend to see a spike in flea and tick infestations in the fall. Not all fleas and ticks transmit disease, but they can be extremely dangerous if they introduce disease into your home. Prevention is the best medicine to deter diseases from your living spaces!

Stinging Pests

During the fall, wasps and hornets become extremely aggressive because they are nearing the end of their lifecycle. Queens are about the only ones that make it through the winter, mostly because they find a good hiding spot. If a hatched female makes it into your home for refuge, it can make for a real problem come spring. A hornet or wasp nest that is already built provides a safe haven for the winter, so imagine how many can multiply over the long winter months.

Palmetto Bugs and Cockroaches

Although palmetto bugs don’t sound all that bad, they are cockroaches, which sounds really bad. Cockroaches of all types dislike the cold, so they typically attempt to find a place to ride out the winter weather indoors. One of the biggest beacons for cockroaches is dirty and rotting gutter debris. It creates the ideal damp conditions for cockroaches to multiply. So make sure that your indoors and outdoors are safe from infestation by removing the things that attract cockroaches in the first place.

As we head into fall and colder weather, rodents and insects will be looking for places to wait out the winter months. If you allow them to enter your home to set up camp, you can face a real problem once the spring hits – not to mention the many months they will be running around your home, potentially bringing disease and feces.

At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we understand the behavior and habits of fall insects and rodents and can help to safeguard your home against them – not just this fall, but all throughout the year. Contact our professional pest control Charleston, SC company to start pest control measures to keep your home insect- and rodent-free for the long haul!