Five Signs that You Have a Rodent Issue

Statistics tell us that for every rodent that you see in your home, there are likely five more lurking.

Statistics tell us that for every rodent that you see in your home, there are likely five more lurking. And if you think that you don’t need to Google “rodent control near me” because you haven’t seen anything running around your home, you might want to rethink that. Rodents are sneaky creatures and they can often cohabitate with people without the homeowners even knowing. If you aren’t looking, then you may wrongly assume you are living alone. Not spotting rodent signs before they become obvious, however, is a serious mistake. These are five signs that indicate that you might just have a rodent issue.

Droppings are Easy to Spot and are a Clear Sign

One of the clearest signs to indicate that you have a rodent problem is the little droppings that they leave behind. Although different rodents have different droppings, if you see any at all, then you need to call a rodent specialist. Common places to look for them are in cabinets, pantry shelves, or any place where food is present or they can find refuge, like basements.

Gnaw Marks or Holes in Food Packaging

If it looks like something has been eating away at your food packaging boxes, then that is a red flag that someone has been feasting in your pantry. A box that has holes in it or even one that just looks like the corners are worn away are all signs that when you go away, rodents come to play. Not only do you want to quickly dispose of the box; you want to follow up by calling a rodent specialist to find out where they hide!

Urine Stains on Shelves in Cabinets and Drawers

Rodents leave behind a trail of signs that they have been using your residence as their bed and bathroom. If you see stains that look like urine in your drawers, cabinets, or shelves, then you are not imagining things, and no, it is not just the wood yellowing from age. Urine means that rodents have moved in and it is time to put an eviction sign out for them.

Nesting Materials

Sometimes you will see little piles of materials in the corner of a room or in an isolated place. Rodents will make nests out of just about any leftover material you have around. If you see something that looks similar to a bird’s nest (although it’s probably not as intricate), then it is time to look behind the walls a little harder.

Chewed Wires

One of the biggest hazards of a rodent issue is the damage that they can cause in your home. Chewed wires are a clear sign that you have a problem, and it’s one that you need to address immediately for your own safety. It is important to periodically check any exposed wires in places like your attic or basement – not just to look for signs of rodents, but to ensure that little creatures haven’t created a fire hazard in your home.

Many people just assume that if they haven’t actually seen a rodent, their home is completely rodent-free – but that is rarely the case. It is important for your health and safety to be vigilant about looking for signs that a rodent has taken up residence in your home by looking for these five things that signal a problem. If you do, don’t just Google “rodent control near me” – contact Lowcountry Pest Specialists to get the job done right. Contact us today to get started.