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Five Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Pest-Free This Year

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already in the rearview mirror and even harder to imagine that we are already midway through February

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already in the rearview mirror and even harder to imagine that we are already midway through February. Although the weather is still chilly, springtime will soon be on its way. The spring poses significant struggles for the restaurant industry as insects, rodents, and pests begin to become active again. Do you know the steps you can take to increase your restaurant pest control efforts? These are five simple ones that make a big difference.

Keep Inventory Under Wraps

Open food containers are like posting the Batman sign; they attract pests from all around. Not all food inventory comes in sealed containers, so you might have to adjust to ensure that all of your food is sealed up tight. Things like box containers and paper are both easy to chew through and contaminate. The more that you lock things up, the less likely it is that pests will come calling!

Move Waste Away from Your Building

One of the biggest concerns in restaurant pest control is the trash receptacles outside. Make sure that there isn’t any food piling up in your trash – or worse, spilling over. Not only will it lead to pests flocking to your trash; it can make things slick and dangerous for both employees and customers. There is nothing appetizing about food that runneth over! Make one employee responsible for keeping the trash area clean, closed up, and far removed from the building. It will make a world of difference!

Look for Entry Points

Even though pests can squeeze through some very tiny cracks, they can’t if you shore all those cracks up. Take the time before the spring thaw to go through your food pantry and look for signs that pests are making their way indoors. If you suspect that a hole or crack is enough to fit through, caulk it now and prevent rodents and insects from gaining entry!

Store Food in the Refrigerator

Not all of your food inventory needs to be refrigerated, but that doesn’t mean that some things can’t. If you have food items that can be susceptible to insects or pest contamination, then stick them in the refrigerator. Pests won’t be able to open the door and climb inside. Even if they could – which they can’t – they don’t like the cold, so they wouldn’t. Simple logic.

Hire Our Pest Control Services

Let’s face it: as far as disasters go, having a pest or rodent violation is about the worst thing for your reputation. Prevention is the key to avoiding fees, penalties, and (more importantly) public scrutiny. Lowcountry Pest Specialists is the clear choice for restaurant pest control in the Charleston area and beyond. With your efforts and ours, we can ensure that your establishment only has paying guests year-round. Contact us today to get started.