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Mosquito Treatment

mosquito control charleston sc

Mosquito treatments and control is incredibly important because mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases. Some of these diseases are Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Malaria, and many others. Also, the environmental conditions in the Lowcountry are perfect for the growth, sustainment, and thrive ability of several different types of mosquitoes.

A mosquito is an insect that goes through complete metamorphosis, meaning they go from egg, to larvae, to pupae, to adult. However, the first three stages of a mosquito life cycle happen in water. That is why it is so important to control the cultural conditions listed below. Also, all adult mosquitoes can fly, but only female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood. This must be done in order for the female to lay eggs.

A single female mosquito will lay between 50-200 eggs at a time, with an incubation period of only a few days in some cases. An adult mosquito can live for weeks at a time.

There are many things home owners and business owners can do to help reduce the harborage areas for mosquitoes. A few of these cultural controls are listed below.

  • removing, turning over, covering, or storing equipment
  • removing debris from ditches
  • filling in ruts and other areas that collect standing water
  • removing tires, buckets, bottles, and barrels that collect water
  • placing drain holes in containers that collect water and cannot be discarded
  • Keep mosquitoes out of indoor areas by ensuring that doors and windows have screens and are kept closed when possible.

With the cultural controls listed above and the proper application of insecticide by a licensed pesticide applicator, the mosquito population can be significantly reduced. Since an adult mosquito can live for so long and the incubation period being so short, a yard can get over run with mosquitoes quickly.

The proper application of pesticides can help break the life cycle by killing adults before they can breed and give relief to the home or business. Interrupting or breaking the life cycle is how the mosquito population gets reduced.

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