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New Guests Not Leaving Post-Holidays? Five Reasons to Resolve to Evict Them

Most of us will have guests for the holiday season, but if you have pest guests that were uninvited and have overstayed their welcome

Most of us will have guests for the holiday season, but if you have pest guests that were uninvited and have overstayed their welcome, then it is important to hire our rodent control service to evict them. Living alongside critters isn’t just unnerving; it is dangerous, can be destructive, and it is just downright GROSS! These are just five reasons you need to let us pack their bags to hit the road!

Rodents Can Lead to Expensive Damage

When rodents take up residence in your living spaces, they can end up doing a lot of damage. The key to their survival is finding warm and dry places to take refuge. Often, that means burrowing into wood, biting at electrical wires, and doing whatever they have to do to make themselves at home. If you don’t get rid of rodents quickly, you give them more time to do more extensive (and expensive) damage to your home’s dwelling! When you see one, you need to act fast!

Sanitation and Health Issues

Rodents aren’t like humans, so they don’t have bathroom etiquette. They poop where they live, which is not only disgusting; it can be hazardous to your health. Rodent feces and urine is a sanitary nightmare that can make you and your family sick, which is why it’s critical to evict rodents right away – before they can make your pantry a bathroom!

Expensive and Extensive Food Loss

Food sources like trash and pantries are a beacon for rodents, which is why typically the first signs that you will see of a rodent problem are bite marks and other indications of rodents getting into your food. Not only do you need to dispose of the food they touch, but for precaution’s sake, you should dispose of any food that is opened if it is in the vicinity of bags that are opened, eaten, or half-eaten – which can mean throwing away an entire pantry’s worth of food.

Diseases and Viruses Carriers

If you have ever taken a history class, you know about the bubonic plague that was responsible for many outbreaks, killing an estimated 50 million people around the globe. Although you don’t hear about it as much anymore, if rodents are allowed to grow, multiply, and live alongside humans, then it can lead to virus and disease transmission. If you see a rodent, it is a matter of safety!

They Multiply Quickly

Science tells us that for every rodent you see there are likely at least five more that you don’t see. Rats, mice, and other rodents multiply quickly, have short gestation periods, and can remain hidden from view. If you see a rodent, then there is a good chance there are many more that you don’t see – and if you don’t hire a rodent control service immediately, you will quickly have an infestation on your hands! Being proactive is always better than cleaning up after the fact!

Most of us will have guests over the holidays, but some of us will have uninvited rodent guests that will not only overstay their welcome; it can also be hard to evict them! If you see signs that you have a rodent infestation or even the presence of one lurking in your interior spaces, you must call us immediately to take care of the situation for these and many other reasons. Contact Lowcountry Pest Specialists today to care for your rodent problem before it becomes much more problematic!