Pest Control In Food Service

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Pest Control
in Food Service

Not surprisingly, restaurants from fast food restaurants to five-star establishments are natural magnets for pests. They provide easy access to an abundance of food sources in a temperature-controlled environment, which is ideal for pests to set up shop.

Pests Control for Restaurants in Charleston SC

Several species of insects can be problematic in food service settings.

pest control in Restaurants
Restaurants pest control

Rodents, cockroaches, flies and stored product pests are among the most concerning for restaurant owners and operators.

This is for good reason! Infestations can result in food contamination, fines from health departments, damage to the restaurant’s reputation, and temporary or permanent closure, in the most severe cases.

Work with the Best Food & Bev Pest Control Experts

Due to changing food safety regulations, it’s essential for restaurant owners to work directly with a licensed pest control professional. These professionals can conduct a thorough inspection and identify conditions that are conducive to pest activity.

Restaurant owners and operators should also make it a point to educate staff about proper sanitation practices and pest prevention. In many cases, a pest control company can help to educate employees. These efforts will go a long way in protecting the establishment from health code violations and keeping its reputation intact.

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The IPM Approach

At LCPS we are committed to keeping your place of business safe and free of unwanted pests and rodents. By utilizing the IPM approach along with tailored treatment scopes for each location.

Pest control has and always will be about proper communication and commitment from each side working together to accomplish the goal of a Pest & Rodent free environment.