Pest Control

Residential Pest Control in Sullivan’s Island

Pests are necessary for the environment, but that doesn’t mean you want to live alongside them. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we understand that living in the South can sometimes come with some particularly troublesome pests. That is why we treat everything from bed bugs to rodents to keep your home pest-free. And since we are eco-friendly, we always choose pesticides as a last resort. Our yearly service is designed to target different times of the year when pests are more active. Also, because we know that mosquitoes can be a real problem in the Lowcountry, we offer all of our customers a mosquito service free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control in Sullivan’s Island

When it comes to your commercial property, nothing can ruin your reputation more than just one pest control problem. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we work with schools, hospitals, food service vendors and processing plants to make sure that they can operate fully pest-free. As any commercial property owner can attest to, it only takes one incident to significantly damage your business’s bottom-line. Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive pest control service in the industry to eliminate pests and also to keep them away for the long-term.

Integrated Pest Management and How it Can Solve Your Pest Problems

No two residential buildings or properties have the same issues when it comes to pests. Our team works creatively to think outside of the box to find the best tools to keep your home insect and rodent-free. We work in stages to evaluate, inspect, identify, take action, and then to monitor. We not only work to eliminate whatever pest control problem you might have currently, we offer solutions to prevent any further ones for the future.

Pest Control in Food Service

Any business that operates storing, cooking, or serving food is a beacon for a pest control problem if left unchecked. Food is a huge attractor of rodents and insects, making keeping the food industry more difficult to control for things like product loss and infestation. But because we know you have an obligation to not only provide the best to your clients, but also to eliminate disease and illness, we use every tool at our disposal to keep your business pest-free and running optimally and safely.

Rodent Control you can Count on

Being in the industry, what we know is that if you see one rodent, there are probably many more that are hidden close by. And rodents aren’t just disgusting and annoying, they can do a lot of damage and they spread diseases and illnesses. At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, the first thing we do is evaluate where rodents are entering and how we can shore up any vulnerabilities to keep your home rodent-free for the long-term. Our goal is not only to control the rodent issue you are currently having, but also to make sure to prevent you from having one in the future.

Mosquito Treatments in the Lowcountry

Due to the weather and conditions in the Lowcountry, we tend to get more than our fair share of mosquitos. We offer the most comprehensive mosquito treatments in the industry to cover many different species. And we do so at no charge to our customers. We understand that nothing can ruin a great day outdoors more than mosquitos and we seek to make sure that your home is mosquito free to prevent the annoyance, diseases and illnesses that they bring.

At Lowcountry Pest Specialists, we offer the most comprehensive pest control methods in the industry to care for everything from bed bugs to rodents. And since we are economically conscious, we only use pesticides if absolutely necessary and as a last resort. Our mission is to keep your commercial or residential property pest-free year round.

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