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Rodent Control

Keeping your House Safe from Rodents with Expert Rodent Control Charleston SC

Rodent control is one of the major issues being faced by many property owners in the Lowcountry. In fact, these rats and mice have a natural tendency to transfer diseases, cause structural damage, and contaminate food.

Many people are unaware that they are giving shelter to these rodents until they spot one. This is proven to be highly problematic for commercial as well as residential properties.

Rodent Control
Expert Rodent Control
Rodent Control Charleston SC

When do you call a professional for rodent control in Charleston SC?

Many hire companies for rodent control in Charleston SC to get rid of these unwanted rodents.

Here are some factors that can give you the proof of the presence of rodents at your property:

  • Damaged food items like partially eaten fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.
  • Broken snail shells near garden area, under bushes, or near nesting sites.
  • Signs of nibbling on wood, plastic, or rubber materials.
  • Greasy traces or rub marks, which are caused by the rat’s fur that comes in contact with wooden beams or other painted surface.
  • Sounds of nibbling and gnawing from loft, sub-floor, and wall spaces.
  • Gnawing on utility cables or in trees.
  • Hideaway in the ground, between the walls, etc.
  • Droppings
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More Signs You Need Rodent Control in Charleston SC

One of the most evident and significant signs of their presence is their droppings. The rodent droppings are randomly scattered and you normally witness them across a rat runway, near a shelter, or in their feeding location. These droppings can also be found in heater covers or the closets.

Scheduling annual pest control inspection is highly recommended by the team here at Lowcountry Pest Specialists and we are specialists in rodent control in Charleston SC. We know how to thoroughly inspect the area, remove any rodents, and use preventive measures so they don’t come back. Save your property from damage, destruction, and other issues, including impact on reputation of commercial properties.

Here are some common entry points for rodents:

  • Overlapping roof.
  • Broken vent screens or missing attic screens.
  • Wooden meter or letterboxes.
  • An empty gap between the vent pipe and roof jack.
  • Near or inside the garage.
  • Brick chimneys.
  • Tile roof.

Every year, rodents are responsible for damaging millions of dollars of properties. It is important to prevent this damage, and the best way to prevent it is to block them from entering your homes in the first place.

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rodent control in Charleston SC

Follow these steps for rodent control in Charleston SC:

  • Have a professional pest control company do a detailed inspection of your company and/or home. Also check for cracks, crevices, and any other openings.
  • Cover or seal the openings around pipes.
  • For effective rodent control, keep trees trimmed as the overgrown vegetation can provide them an easy access to your house.

If the signs of a rodent presence are found, call the leading rodent control specialists in Charleston SC. To establish an effective rodent control strategy on your property, contact us at 843.425.1210